We have partnerships with top buyers agents

Aqua Home Loans has partnered with buyers agents who can help you secure your ideal property at the lowest possible price, no matter where you are located.

There are a number of reasons to engage the services of one of our buyers agent partners. Continue reading for more information on our partnership with buyers agents.

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Getting access to off market properties

All our buyer’s agents have a huge network of real estate agents in their geographic area of expertise.

Through these networks they are able to source and acquire properties which are not listed on any website. This immediately doubles your chances of finding the right property.

Getting expert advice on value and timing

Our buyer’s agents have years of experience in purchasing properties for our clients, and know their suburbs like the back of their hands.

They can quickly estimate the right value of your property and guide you towards the right price for the property you seek.

Saving time and saving money

An experienced buyer’s agent can help you find the right property very quickly – and then help you settle at the right price and get the deal done.

Their experience with negotiation and their ability to settle pre-auction where possible means that you will get the realistic best price, which could save you several thousands of dollars – as most of our clients have done.

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